Welcome…my first step to recovery from ‘Shopaholicism’!

Four In A Box


My name is Yolanda and I am a Shopaholic.  Well I think that’s the way it goes?

So as my blog title states, I am a recovering shopaholic.  I have come to admit that I have a major problem with shopping and clothes and have decided to take the first steps in getting help.   To some people this may sound funny, somewhat like the hilarious comedy with Isla Fisher, “Confessions of a Shopaholic’.  And although, I may have a laugh or two with my friends about my serious condition of ‘not being able to say no to a sale’, let me tell you, it’s not the hilarious comedy, with the happy ending as it may appear to be!

As much as I love fashion and shopping in general, I have come to realise that I do in fact have a very unhealthily relationship with these things.  Just to paint…

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