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When I came across the hive modular furniture (no. 6), I was totally inspired. I can visualise these in bars, hotel foyers + restaurants. Beautifully handcrafted and so multi-functional – can be seating, a table or side table. I would just love a whole set! There is something special about wood, with its warm + earthy tones, that makes any room or space inviting. I especially love the mix of wood with pops of colour. Here are some amazing handcrafted pieces, making one of our natural resources, raw wood breathtakingly beautiful.


These Fab Finds can be found:

  1. Bead light pendant > MarzDesignsShop
  2. Desk lamp > CreaReDesign
  3. Pendant lampshade > minjonshop
  4. Pendant lampshade > FactoryTwentyOne
  5. Utensils > TheShindiggityShoppe
  6. Hive modular furniture > hammersheels
  7. Console table > DendroCo
  8. Crates > havenvintage
  9. Side table > wfourdesign

Mini make – inspired, I decided to paint the top of the below stool from Ikea with…

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