Confessions of a Shopaholic

Wanderlust And Beyond

Shopping is possibly an addiction. I save money, make a promise to not spend it and BOOM one day spent at the mall and it’s gone. I wish I could blame the stores for constantly having appealing items inside.. but I know that it’s my own fault because they aren’t forcing me to buy anything; they just tempt me with that comfy t-shirt or those cute sandals.

Reasons I shop:
1. I think something is cute
2. I finally have money
3. I create reasons for why I need it, even though I don’t
4. I have little to no self control
5. My closet never seems full enough
6. I have “nothing to wear”
7. Youtubers and their hauls make everything look amazing
8. My clothes need an upgrade as the seasons change
9. I love the feeling of a successful shopping trip
10. Because it’s technically exercise (lifting…

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