How to spot Fake Ed Hardy, its quite easy really

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Fashion Fake Finder

Welcome to the Bay Area’s biggest fake designer offender: Ed Hardy knock-offs.

Ed Hardy is popular because the branding signatures and designs are “tattoo chic.” Real Ed Hardy products are quite expensive, And thus very popular. It is easily recognizable as a brand and because logos and signatures are blazoned across the garments, fake lures customers in a similar manner.

Key points on real T-shirts are:

  • Made in the USA
  • “By Christian Audigier” under the left sleeve
  • Clean silkscreen lines that fill to the edge and are not “pixelated” from cheap processing.

When in doubt, consider it a fake.

The following Red T-shirt is a fake. 

ImageImage Image

Now compare the red one to the green one:ImageImageImageImage

The green one is definitely authentic.ImageImageImageImage

The Purple one is a real one. Consider the content: this is from a charity event and thus not as eye-catching to the tourist.ImageImageImageImage

The following brown hoodie…

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