Hi Everyone

This is my first ever post. I would like to formally say welcome to my page.

Who I am is an outgoing chick with a history of trying to find the best deals, I simply do it for fun. I spend constant hours online on my favorite sites and some new one I find along the way. I thought since I had so many purchases I frankly, didn’t have money for and my FB friends weren’t exactly thrilled with my constant status updates I would take to blogging. 

My favorite sites are:

  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon

Of course google is also very helpful but you have to sort through all that info when mabye unlike me you don’t have the time… That is where I come in. I post things that are cute at a great price or just plain cute! I hope you really enjoy my blog! 

PS. Yes, I do realize shopoholic is spelled shopaholic but it must be my east coast lingo or mabye just a tid bit weird but how I pronounce it is shop-o-holic.  


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